Metro Vancouver Development Cost Charges

UDI submission to Metro Vancouver Board of Directors

In Fall 2023, Metro Vancouver undertook revisions to the development cost charge (DCC) rates for liquid waste, and water as well as proposing the introduction of a new DCC to help grow the regional parks system.

The proposed changes would significantly increase rates, more than tripling current changes.

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2023-10-24-UDI-Letter-Metro-Vancouver-Development-Cost-Charges.pdf / 475.86 KB

UDI has previously raised concerns regarding significant increases in Regional DCCs and continues to urge all levels of government to take into account that builders and developers are facing numerous market and regulatory challenges.

UDI strongly opposed the increases due to the delays or deferrals of new development that will happen if these dramatically higher costs make projects unviable. UDI wrote to Metro Vancouver to express our concern with these proposals and recommend that the increases be paused until further economic analysis can be conducted on the impact to new development.

β€œThe capital projects being proposed by Metro Vancouver will benefit more than just new residents, yet the costs are being borne by new homeowners and renters. The approach Metro Vancouver is taking by dramatically increasing DCCs will be penalizing new residents by placing this burden on them.”

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2023-10-24-UDI-Letter-Metro-Vancouver-Development-Cost-Charges.pdf / 475.86 KB
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