B.C. Building Code 2023 Public Review

UDI submission to the Building and Safety Standards Branch

In Spring 2023, the Building and Safety Standards Branch (BSSB) began a public review regarding proposed changes to the B.C. Building, Plumbing, and Fire Codes 2023 (B.C. Codes). Proposed changes include items that will be unique to B.C. Codes as well as ones to reduce existing variations from the 2020 National Model Codes.

Working through UDI’s Building Codes Committee and leading technical experts, UDI made a submission to the BSSB to provide industry feedback on the proposed changes.

Download (pdf)

2023-06-16-UDI-Letter-BSSB-2023-BCBC-Changes-2.pdf / 485.89 KB

UDI’s feedback focused on two key areas of the proposed changes: accessibility and earthquake design provisions. UDI expressed concerns with how the proposals would impact designs and densities for new construction, and recommended that the Ministry consider:

  1. Delaying the adoption and implementation of the accessibility and seismic design and accessibility requirements to allow additional time to understand the impacts on new housing supply and ways to mitigate them;
  2. Working with staff in the Planning and Land Use Management Branch, and Ministry of Municipal Affairs to develop mitigation measures to protect housing supply; and
  3. Enhanced in-stream protection for projects already in the municipal approvals process.

Download (pdf)

2023-06-16-UDI-Letter-BSSB-2023-BCBC-Changes-2.pdf / 485.89 KB
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