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We support the creation of balanced policy at all levels of government

UDI works at all levels of government on issues that affect development in B.C.

At each level of governance, some of these include:
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    • National Building Codes
    • Rental financing programs
    • Taxation (UHT, GST)
    • Budgets
    • Construction material tariffs
    • Green building policies
    • Data and demographic impacts on development
    • Taxation (SVT, AST, APTT)
    • BC Hydro distribution capacity
    • Early marketing periods (REDMA)
    • Mass timber and prefabrication
    • Digitization of building codes/ automated compliance checks
    • BC Energy Step Code/Zero Carbon Step Code
    • BC Building Code
    • Allowable Annual Rent Increases
    • Provincial permitting reforms
    • Water Sustainability Act
    • Contaminated sites remediation
    • Soil relocation
    • Transit and infrastructure
    • Industrial land-use
    • Regional planning
    • Regional policy coordination
    • Development Cost Charges (DCCs)
    • GHG emissions regulations
    • City and area planning
    • Application processing and approvals
    • Zoning districts
    • Inclusionary zoning
    • Rental housing incentives
    • Fees and charges (CACs, DCCs, Density Bonuses)
    • Development restrictions
    • Green building policies
    • Parking Requirements
    • Transportation planning
    • EV charging requirements
    • Tenant relocation policies
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