Since 1972

Shaping urban development since 1972

With over 850 corporate members, the Urban Development Institute represents thousands of individuals involved in all facets of land development and planning, including: developers, property managers, financial lenders, lawyers, engineers, planners, architects, appraisers, real estate professionals, First Nations,Β local governments and government agencies.

A partner in Community Building

As a β€œPartner in Community Building,” the Urban Development Institute is committed to working with communities and governments to create and achieve the vision of balanced, well-planned and sustainable communities. The Urban Development Institute promotes wise and efficient urban growth, good planning and good development practices, and high quality commercial and industrial developments.

We recognize the need for wise, efficient and productive urban land use. To achieve this, it is essential that governments, communities and industry work together.

Why Join UDI? Member Benefits:

UDI fosters the effective exchange of information between industry stakeholders.

Whether you're dedicated to professional development, looking to work with government on real issues, or just want to make a difference in your local community, a UDI membership can help.